"Rest assured that my mom is safe."

April 2010

Dear Pathfinder,
I just wanted to thank you for being so available to take care of my mother when she has been sick. Her name is Inga Osline and she resides at the Best Elderly Care home in Orange. I appreciate your care and help - especially when we have had to call at the last minute.

Again thank you - you have helped us rest assured that my mom is safe and in good hands.

Best Wishes,
Nila Osline

"We are grateful for the help and support."

February 19, 2006

Dear Mr. Wildsmith:
My wife and I wish to thank you for all of your help during the last 15 months in providing caregivers for my 94 year old cousin. In particular we want to thank you for providing Ms. Lisa Limbo. When we first met with you we set forth several requirements necessary for the care of my cousin and Lisa met those requirements in an excellent manner. She was very sensitive to my cousin's needs, provided her with such good care that while bedridden for over 15 months she did not get any bed sores. In addition, she provided a diet that actually helped my cousin gain weight which her cardiologist said was necessary.

There were many, many other things that Lisa did that while individually may seem small but when combined together they made a very substantial difference. For that we are most grateful. As you know, we live in San Diego, about a 2 hour - drive, and we had to rely on Lisa to be our eyes and ears at my cousins house. She performed in a first class manner. All of this is not to say that the other caregivers were not helpful. They were and without them we would have been unable to cope with the situation. We are most grateful for their help and support and thank you for providing such highly qualifled people.

I have included a copy of a letter of recommendation for Lisa that I will be giving her in the next day or so in order that it may go into her file.

Again, many thanks for all of your excellent help over the last 15 months.

William McCubbin

"Beyond what we expected."

November 12, 2005

Dear Avelina and John:
On behalf of the Hooton family, I would like to tell you how much your agency helped us as we cared for our mother, your selection of Raquel Sanchez was a perfect match to Mom's personality, Raquel cared for Mom With kindness, respect, and compassion to a degree that we never expected to find, She allowed Mom to retain her dignity until the end, As I have told Raquel myself, I felt we had found another "sister" to help care for Mom. Christine Ruaro and Pamela were both exemplary caregivers, but Raquel has an uncommon empathy With her patient that IS truly unique.

All our experiences With Pathfinder, from first to last, were so beyond what we expected, and we are enormously grateful to all of you for your help,

Carolyn Tajik

"Like a member of our family."

May 10, 2004

We want you to know how pleased we are with Anita, the caregiver for my mother Annie Milleson. She is not only a very competent caregiver but a most compassionate person. Anita always helped us get mother to the doctor and the doctor was very impressed with her knowledge and the intelligent questions that she asked. Mother left her body behind last night but her last days were made more peaceful by having Anita's care. We would often come into her room and find Anita sitting by her bed softly singing some of mother's favorite hymns she has been like a member of our family and we will miss her but know there are other patients that need her loving care. Anyone that she is assigned to will be very fortunate.

Thanking you,
The family of Annie Milleson

"The very best you can have."

January 7, 2004

To whom it may concern;
Mr. Conrad Parfan has been in our family's employment from August 2002 to December 2003. The sixteen months that he has spent taking care of Scott has been a blessing to our family. Conrad's care of Scott has been above and beyond what most caregivers would do. When Scott was in Conrad's care we never had to worry about him. Conrad accompanied Scott to all of his doctor, hospital and physical therapy appointments.

Scott considered himself very lucky to have Conrad taking care of him and they became great friends. There has never been a time that Conrad let Scott down in any way. Conrad took care of Scott until the end of Scott's life and we truly feel if Scott wasn't under Conrad's care he wouldn't have been as comfortable at home as he was.

Whoever has Conrad in their employ is going to be very lucky, as we consider him the very best you can have.

The MacArthur Family

"Getting the care your company provides."

Dear Avelina,
We both want to thank you and Roy for helping us with our Father. My sister and I have both tried to care for him at home before. We found that it was a lot of work for someone without any medical care background.

It was only a few hours that Roy assisted us. But, He was very good in handling and care of our Father. Especially, during the crisis we had that day. Roy knew what to do when we could not get any response from my father. We would recommend Roy to anyone who would inquire about him.

We have referred other people to your company that are interest in getting the care your company provides.

Again my sister, Monica Lamas and I want thank you and Roy for the care you provide for our father, Lupino Lamas.

Eric Lamas